3 Ingredient Smoothie Recipe to Prevent Chronic Knee and Joint Pain

Knees are critical piece of your body as they bolster your weight and as a result of your knees you can walk. Knee torment happens because of different reasons and one of them is wearing awkward shoes.

In the event that you adore wearing flip-flops than your ligaments are most likely tight or sore. So that is the reason you have to rest or stretch your legs subsequent to wearing them. The climate isn’t the reason as you may think yet your awkward flip-dudes. The torment may likewise show up in your hips and spine.

Strolling shoeless is multiple times superior to strolling with your most loved flip-flops.

The agony in your knees normally shows up all of a sudden and the weight on your ligaments just aggravates it.

Knee torment is normally regular in corpulent individuals as the knees are over-burden by the overabundance pounds.

Now and again genuine wounds can cause the torment which need extraordinary medications and even medical procedure. This common formula can help against serious and unexpected knee torment.

The fixings in this formula contain amazing calming properties which are incredible for your ligaments.

They are likewise wealthy in silicon, nutrient C, magnesium and bromelain. This delectable and astonishing beverage will make you more grounded, full with vitality and you will most likely get by for the duration of the day.

This recuperating smoothie contains a heavenly products of the soil will appreciate drinking it without a doubt!


  • 1 glass cereal
  • 1 glass water (250ml)
  • 2 glass pineapple lumps
  • 40g crude nectar
  • 40g almonds, pounded
  • 7g cinnamon powder
  • 1 glass crisp squeezed orange


  • Heat up the cereal for a few minutes.
  • At that point include some naturally pressed squeezed orange.
  • Mix the pineapple lumps, almonds, cinnamon and the nectar together.
  • At that point include the cereal in the blander.
  • Mix until you get a compound blend.
  • Toward the end, put some ice solid shapes and you can appreciate drinking this smoothie!
  • You can likewise mix every one of the fixings together, however when cooked, the cereal makes your smoothie more delicious.
  • You pick what choice is better for you.

Source: healthyfoodteam


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