9 Exercises to Burn Abdominal Fat In 14 Days

The accompanying activities will enable you to consume stomach fat and reinforce your abs. Above all, try to do normally cardio practice at any rate 3 times each week.

Amateurs’ moves

Front Plank

Targets: transverse abs

You should start on the knees and hands and contract the stomach and back muscles, drop down to the lower arms while broadening the legs out behind you, and you should wind up laying on the chunks of your feet.

The hips ought to be up, the back ought to be straight, and loosen up the neck. Stay in this situation for 3 seconds, and after that arrival to the underlying position. Rehash the activity multiple times.

Butterfly Crunch

Targets: rectus abdominus (“six-pack”)

While lying on the back, place the soles near your body and twist the knees to the side. The hands ought to be behind the head and the elbows in a similar line with the ears.

The back should lie level on the ground and along these lines contract the gut muscles, take in and twist your chest up a couple of creeps off the floor toward the legs. Lower to come back to the underlying position. Rehash this activity multiple times.

Side to Side

Targets: obliques (sides)

Twist the knees while lying on the floor, and the feet ought to be level on the floor and the arms by the sides. Take in and contract the gut muscles by sliding the correct hand toward the correct foot.

Keep the head and neck adjusted, and the lower back squeezed to the floor. Come back to the underlying position, switch sides and complete 15 reiterations.

Transitional Moves


Targets: obliques

Keep the finger behind the head and lie on the floor. Fix the abs, lift the left knee and contact it to your correct elbow. Come back to the underlying position, and afterward lift the correct knee and contact it to one side elbow.

Switch sides for 15 reps, in 2 sets, however ensure you are connecting with the gut muscles in a smooth movement, yet the hands are loose all together not to pull on the neck.

Fingers to Toes

Targets: rectus abdominus

The legs ought to be straight and reached out towards the roof. The arms should lie by the body, and you ought to be in a lying position.

Take in and fix the abs as you smash up from the midriff and broaden the hands toward the toes. The back ought to stay level on the floor. Rehash in 2 arrangements of 15 reps.

Switch Crunch with Resistance Bands

Targets: transverse abs

Twist the knees while lying on the back, the arms ought to be by the body, and hold one part of the arrangement in each hand, with the band folded over highest points of shins. Lift the knees toward your chest until the hips are raised and leave the floor.

Stay in this situation for 3 seconds; at that point, come back to the underlying position. Rehash multiple times in 2 sets.

Propelled Moves

Leg Swings

Targets: obliques

Lying on the back with the arms out to sides, legs and feet lifted, take in and attract navel toward spine as you lower legs to left side around 5 creeps from the floor. Come back to the underlying position and do likewise on the right. Switch sides multiple times, in 3 sets.

Ball Leg Lift

Targets: transverse abs

Lie with the face down on a ball and move forward until the hands are set on the floor. In this position, just the highest points of the feet ought to be level on the ball.

Lift the left leg a couple of creeps towards the roof, while keeping the back and right leg straight, hold for 3 seconds, and lower it, Repeat this multiple times, and afterward do it with the contrary leg. So as to get best outcomes, you should include 2 reiterations every week.


Targets: rectus abdominus

Prepare yourself between the backrests of two tough seats, keep the elbows somewhat bowed, your shoulders ought to stay down, and the neck loose, while the head and the chest are raised.

Your abs ought to be tight, take in and gradually carry the knees to your chest, however abstain from swinging forward and backward. On the off chance that you think that its somewhat troublesome toward the start, you can raise one knee at once. Rehash in 3 arrangements of 15 reps.

Additionally here are 5 additional activities that will enable you to consume your stomach fat obviously remember to do cardio practice in any event 3 times each week:

Drug Ball Swing

Targets: Obliques, abs

You should stand and the legs ought to be more than shoulder-width separated. Curve the knees a piece and hold a ball in the hands. You should squat, and swing the ball between the legs behind you, and quickly stand and swing it up before you and overhead. Rehash it multiple times.

Stomach Hold

Targets: abs

You ought to sit tall on the edge of a seat and put the hands on the edge with the fingers indicating the knees. Contract the abs and carry the toes 2 to 4 creeps off the floor. Lift the butt cheek off the seat. Stay in this situation for 5-10 seconds. At that point, lower and rehash for a moment.

The Hundred

Targets: lower abs

While sitting tall on a tangle, twist the knees by the chest and the hands ought to be set along the edges. At that point, rests and twist the knees, and the palms ought to be looked down. Take in and lift the head and shoulders.

Start siphoning the arms 6 creeps here and there, coming to with the fingertips. Take in for 5 siphons, and inhale out for 5 more. Complete 100 siphons. Your lower back ought to be squeezed in towards the ground and the lower stomach muscles pulled in towards the spine.

Squat Thrust with Twist

You should remain with the feet wide open, and the arms at shoulder stature, before you. Starts hunching down, twist the knees 90 degrees, and bend your chest area to one side. At that point, switch the side and rehash.

The Cobra

Lie with the face down and the palms close to the chest, and raise the head, chest and shoulders off the ground, while pulling the shoulder bones down. Remain in this manner for 2 seconds and after that lower and rehash 8-10 times.



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