Blue Java Banana: The Banana That Tastes ‘Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream’

Blue Java bananas are likely the most flavorful treat you will ever have. These bananas pose a flavor like vanilla dessert, and even have a comparative consistency.

This natural product has sweet fragrance, and the name originates from the shade of the strip of unripe Blue Java bananas. Whenever ready, the strip is light yellow or greenish. In Fiji, they call it Hawaiian banana, in Hawaii they call it frozen yogurt banana, and individuals in focal America call it Cenizo.

Bananas don’t care for cold territories and flourish truly well in tropical spots. Most banana assortments don’t develop past a normal 40F of temperature, and begin to kick the bucket at 28F. In any case, Blue Java bananas can develop in chilly climate conditions (20F/ – 7c).

Develop your very own Blue Java bananas

In the US, the vanilla frozen yogurt bananas develop well truly well in USDA zones 9b through 11. A few ranchers figure out how to become these from zones 8 through 11. A develop Blue Java tree would develop as high as 15-20 feet in tallness. Is you utilize a pseudostem, the natural products will develop inside 9 months. You can really plant trees at various advancement stages.

Here are some decent tips:

  • Blue Java bananas like water, and rich soil that is for the most part warm. Water the tree consistently, yet make an effort not to “suffocate it.”
  • Fertilize. You need a NPK manure produced using supplements in a proportion of 3:1:6. On the off chance that your tree is one-foot, utilize a cup of manure. Continuously prepare in warm climate. Apply the compost around the underlying foundations of the tree and water the particles down through the dirt. Add another cup to the blend to each couple feet of tallness.
  • Bananas like sun and it causes them develop. Consistent cloudy doesn’t work with sprouting plants.
  • Prune any optional shoots around rhizomes, and leave in any event one shoot around the plant to invigorate the photosynthesis.

Utilization of Blue Java bananas

The Blue Java Bananas have wide and solid leaves. You can utilize them rather than material paper, aluminum foil or essentially whatever else you use for cooking. Utilize the leaves for drying, flame broiling, heating, bubbling and steaming.

Given that these bananas possess a flavor like vanilla dessert, you can eat them all things considered. Blue Java bananas are low in fat and give a great deal of vitality. A 100-gram serving will give you 89 calories, 22.8 grams of carbs, and 0.3 grams of fat.

Attempt this single-fixing non-dairy dessert. All you need is Blue Java bananas! Strip the bananas, and stop the organic product. Mix your solidified bananas, and that is your ideal banana frozen yogurt. It’s extraordinary for the individuals who can’t or don’t have any desire to eat dairy and is an a lot more advantageous option.

Potassium in bananas is significant for nerve cell reaction and legitimate muscles withdrawal. This mineral is significant for your heart constriction the circulatory strain levels.

Blue Java bananas can be utilized as normal bananas. Add them to your oats treats, banana flapjacks, smoothies, banana cakes and different plans.



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