BREAKING: Cancer is a Fungus and it Can be Cured With 1 Simple Ingredient!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, the well known Italian master Dr. Tulio Simonchini claims that malignancy is only an organism, which can be wiped out with heating soft drink. This stunning specialist additionally guarantees that he utilized this technique to fix a large number of patients experiencing distinctive kinds of disease. What’s more, YES, it’s 100% sheltered and viable.

Dr. Simonchini stated:

“We have to prove that modern oncology is unable to answer all the questions cancer patients have. It’s our moral and ethical commitment to find the real cure for the hardest and deadliest diseases of our time. About a century ago, the experts thought that cancer is caused by malfunctioning genes, which means that the disease is intracellular. However, in my opinion, cancer is a fungal infection and a special cellular phenomenon.”

Candida versus Cancer – Facts You Must Know!

Dr. Tulio says that in the plant world, carcinoma is brought about by parasitic diseases, and the equivalent occurs in people. Growths dependably convey a tumor with them – this has been demonstrated in both in vivo and in vitro contemplates. In any case, researchers trust that they create after the ailment showed up. He additionally conceives that they were at that point there previously – organisms make malignant growth, debilitate our resistant framework and afterward assault the entire body. Each sort of malignant growth is brought about by the Candida parasite. After some time, our tissues are debilitated and tired, and they begin creating unidentified cells. He says that malignant growth is a “ulcer” where twisted cells collect and frame settlements.

Baking soda

This is what you have to know – as indicated by Dr. Tulio, the typical antifungal medications are incapable against malignancy as they just assault the outside of the cells. The fundamental contamination is more dominant than a solitary bacterium, which is the reason contagious diseases keep going for such a long time.

He stated:

“I have identified the things that can attack these colonies of fungi – for cancer, it’s baking soda, and a iodine tincture is the best substance for skin cancer. And, I have used the treatment on my patients for more than 20 years. Many of these patients have completely recovered from the disease, even when doctors gave them no chances. The best way to eliminate a tumor is for it to come in contact with baking soda, which can be applied as an enema for digestive cancers, intravenous injection for brain and lung tumors and inhalation for tumors in the upper respiratory system. Breast, lymph system and subcutaneous tumors can be treated with a local perfusion. Internal organ tumors should be treated with baking soda by applying it directly into the arteries, and it’s also important to treat every type of cancer with the proper dose. For phleboclisis, you’ll need about 500 cm. of 5% or 8.4% solution; in some cases, the mixture only needs to be salty enough. During every treatment, it’s important to know that tumor colonies come back between the 3 and 4 day, and suffer a collapse between the 4 and 5 day, so a minimum of 6 days of treatment is required. The treatment should be repeated for 4 cycles, and has no other side-effects other than thirst and weakness. For skin cancer, you should rub a 0.7% iodine tincture on the affected areas 20-30 times a day. Afterwards, the tumor will not return.”

Here are the fundamental side effects of Candida contamination:

  • Interminable weariness;
  • Over the top impulsive confusion;
  • Nervousness and touchiness;
  • Cerebrum mist and queasiness;
  • Ceaseless skin issue;
  • Ceaseless stomach related disarranges;
  • Inclination changes;
  • Starch and sugar yearnings.

Women and respectable men, you ought to be extremely watchful and on the off chance that you have see something like 2 of these side effects, you may have a propelled phase of candida contaminations which may result in malignant growth, so they ought to never be overlooked.

Treatment and anticipation of candida contaminations

This is essential for you to recall – if it’s left untreated, candida can prompt candidiasis which can cause manifestations that imitate different ailments and result in aperture in the digestion tracts and cracked gut disorder. This will enable protein to assault your platelets. So as to avert further issues, we first need to kill the nourishments that feed candida – sugar and starch. This implies no bread, sweets, new organic product, pasta and rice for some time. What’s more, you should concentrate on eating crude products of the soil vegetables, and a few people have had incredible outcomes with grapefruit seeds.

How the treatment functions

He says that sans aluminum heating soft drink fundamentally builds the alkalinity of your blood which crushes the growths. Because of this, preparing soft drink rapidly crumbles the tumor, abandoning it without protection.

For stomach, colon, rectal and oral malignant growth, you have to take 1 teaspoon of preparing soft drink in a glass of water each morning and night for a month. As a rule, this is sufficient time to kill the tumor. The treatment should last 3 a month and not multi day more. NOTE: his treatment for the most part requires intravenous infusions too. You’ll require 500 ml. of 5% preparing soft drink arrangement connected in the vein straightforwardly consistently. Do this for 24 days, at that point go for an output. Vaginal contagious contaminations have turned out to be quite basic these days and as indicated by Dr. Simonchini, they are the primary guilty party for cervical malignancy and vaginal tumors. So as to treat these issues, you have to wash your vagina with a blend made of 2 l. of separated water and 2 tablespoons of heating soft drink. This will vanquish the growths that are causing the issue and keep them from returning what’s to come.

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