Cholesterol Medications Cause Heart Attack, Rapid Aging, and Brain Damage. Use These 2 Foods Instead

Did you one of the 4 Americans more than 45 years old who take a statin for elevated cholesterol? It is an industry of 29 billion dollars, so it’s nothing unexpected that the pharmaceutical business is the fundamental client of cholesterol. Statins are sold under the brands Lipitor, Zocor, Crestol and Lescol.

They have numerous normal reactions. There are more than 900 examinations demonstrating perilous unfriendly impacts of statin drugs. These symptoms incorporate malignancy, iron deficiency, perpetual exhaustion, liver brokenness, thyroid organ issue, Parkinson’s, acidosis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

“… somewhere in the range of 1994 and 2006, the level of men matured 65-74 with elevated cholesterol dropped from 87% to 54% … Despite this, the rate of coronary illness for this age assemble has remained roughly the equivalent … Other age bunches have encountered an expansion in coronary illness rates while the quantity of individuals with ‘high’ cholesterol has been diminished. ”


Ongoing examinations have demonstrated that cholesterol surgeons increment the danger of creating malignancy.

On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea, cholesterol is fundamental to your body, and this is something that makes your body normally. This is essential for your cerebrum.


  •  Statins increment the danger of unending sickness. Statin drugs increment the dimension of insulin that causes aggravation in your body, which is an indication of most perpetual ailments.
  •  Cholesterol Meds loses its insusceptible framework. They can likewise harm your resistant framework, which imperils the security of your body from sickness and disease.
  •  Drugs that lower cholesterol levels are specifically identified with more than 300 symptoms, including neuropathy, weakness, perpetual weariness, thyroid issue and sicknesses, for example, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s.
  •  Cholesterol can expand glucose levels and cause type 2 diabetes.
  •  Statins decrease testosterone rates in men.
  •  Cause of neurological harm. The utilization of cholesterol drugs is related with various neurological issues. It was found to make harm the nerves, changes in memory, and even tension and discouragement

Step by step instructions to LOWER “Awful” CHOLESTEROL NATURAL WITH WHEAT

Luckily, there are basic systems that can enable you to manage your cholesterol. Notwithstanding routinely treating, you can add these things to ordinary routine:

Take Wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass is presumably the best nourishment for bringing down cholesterol. Wheatgrass has every one of the nine fundamental amino acids, many nutrients and minerals, and high fiber content. Detoxifies the body and helps control hypertension (and elevated cholesterol). In a recent report from Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica, researchers have found that treatment with wheat juice decreased all out cholesterol and LDL cholesterol of rodents with strangely abnormal amounts of cholesterol. Simply take one spoon multi day!

Take Lemongrass Essential Oil

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