How Often Should You Have Sex According to Your Age (CHART)

Women and noble men, have you at any point pondered – do you have excessively or too little sex? All things considered, for certain individuals having sex two times every week is all that could possibly be needed, while a for other people, that can be either excessively little or to an extreme.

Study affirms:

A gathering of scientists directed an investigation, at the Institute Kinsey, on how frequently people engage in sexual relations – as per their age. These are the outcomes from this examination:

  • 18-29: all things considered 112 times each year;
  • 30-39 years: all things considered 86 times each year;
  • 40-49 years: all things considered 69 times each year.

Note: 13% of wedded couples engage in sexual relations just a couple of times each year, 45% of them a few times each month, 34% a few times each week and 7% of them at least four times each week.

After this examination, the site “Your Tango” led their own study (for perusers who are hitched), to discover the base, normal and perfect number of sexual exercises for one month.

  • Least: Once every month;
  • Normal: Once every week;
  • Immaculate: Three to five times each week.



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