Important Warnings: These signs send you the body a month before a heart attack!

The heart attack usually registers a month before it occurs, and some symptoms can be detected six months earlier.


Unusual tiredness is one of the main symptoms that indicate a possible heart attack. In women, this symptom is more common than in men.

Description: Physical or mental activity is not the cause of your fatigue that increases until the end of the day. This symptom is quite clear and can not go unnoticed. Sometimes it’s very exhausting to complete simple tasks, such as bedding or showering.

Pain in the stomach

Pain in the stomach, stomach upset and feeling bloating are some of the most common symptoms. Equally often occur in both women and men.

Description: Pain in the stomach before a heart attack is of an episodic nature, disappears and returns in a short period. Physical effort can exacerbate them.


Insomnia is also associated with an increased risk of heart attack or stroke, and more common in women. Insomnia often includes a high level of anxiety and absenteeism.

Description: Symptoms include falling asleep, sleeping problems and waking early in the morning without an alarm.

Short breath

Shortness of breath is a strong feeling that you can not inhale deeply. It often occurs in men and women up to six months before the heart attack.

Description: Feeling like you can not get enough air, there are also dizziness.


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