Recipe from a Russian Doctor: This is What Will Happen if You Apply Onion on the Neck Before Going to Bed

Onions are known to be phenomenal skin cleaners, they likewise eliminate microscopic organisms and germs, and they contain phosphoric corrosive which makes marvels in the blood.

Society medication says that onions have the accompanying properties:

  • Sanitize the blood
  • Eliminate microorganisms, germs and pathogens
  • Sanitize the air

Dr. Igor Knyazin, a popular specialist from St. Petersburg, advances that the onion has a noteworthy job in treating thyroid organ issue.

This specialist suggests the accompanying formula:

Take a red onion and cut it down the middle, with the goal that you can acquire juice from every half. Utilize the two onion parts, and back rub your neck in the region of the thyroid organ with light, round developments.

You ought to rest without washing out the onion juice from the neck. It will normally improve the thyroid organ work.

As we recently expressed, onions effectively eliminate germs and microorganisms, clean the skin, and the phosphoric corrosive they contain has fabulous impacts in the blood, and the juice is gainful for the thyroid organ.



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