(RECIPE) Save Your Feet: My Neighbor is 57 Years Old, She Uses This Remedy and Her Feet Are Like on a Young Girl!

In this article we are demonstrating how to make the most dominant 2-fixing blend against corns, rankles, broke impact points and how to expel the thick and unpleasant skin of your feet in only 10 days. In the first place, you should realize that this hand crafted cure is truly astounding. In only 10 days you will be stunned by the outcomes – your feet will look 20 years more youthful. Along these lines, you should peruse the article roar and figure out how to make and utilize this astounding custom made solution for broke heels.

Split heels – stylish and medical issue

A few people imagine that split heels are only a stylish issue, however the genuine truth is that on the off chance that you don’t treat them on schedule – the breaks will wind up further and progressively agonizing, so they will move toward becoming medical issue. Along these lines, whenever broke heels are not treated on schedule, the earth will aggregate inside the split skin and they can wind up tainted. What’s more, you should realize this can be extremely difficult issue. Along these lines, this is the reason it’s critical to respond on schedule and take all the essential measures. You ought to likewise realize that the thickening of the feet normally happens reason for the abundance dead skin cells, which frequently prompts poor blood flow and poor flexibility. Be that as it may, you shouldn’t be stressed, in light of the fact that this can be fathomed with pumice stone or a document. You ought to do this when the skin on your heels is delicate, so you can do it after a shower or shower. Furthermore, you ought to recollect this – you mustn’t evacuate the dead skin cells with a sharp article, since you may expel an excess of skin from your heels, which can cause a disease.

When you are finished with this (killing the dead skin cells of your feet), at that point you have to feed the skin on your impact points. You have to feed the skin to accelerate the recuperating procedure – after the treatment. All things considered, you shouldn’t be concerned, in light of the fact that there are a wide range of natively constructed creams and cures, which you can make them in your very own home. These creams and cures are extremely valuable in sustaining and saturating the skin on your heels. Olive or coconut oil – these two oils are exceptionally helpful and useful in saturating and supporting the skin on your feet. This is what you have to do – simply apply some oil on your heels and back rub it with round developments and leave it for some time. As we said in the start of this article, we are demonstrating how to make the best 2-fixing formula, which will assist you with your split heels. This 2-fixings blend is exceptionally straightforward and simple to make. You simply need to adhere to the basic directions. This is what you have to do.


  • 10 tablets of ibuprofen (300 mg)
  • 250 ml liquor, or 70% quality of Medicinal liquor


Initially, you have to smash the 10 tablets of headache medicine (300 mg), and make them like powder. At that point, you have to blend the powder with 250 ml of schnaps (or 70% medicinal liquor) and leave it for 1-2 days. This is critical – ensure you shake this blend each night. The most effective method to utilize it – first, you have to plunge one bit of collapsed dressing in it. Put the bandage absorbed this blend on your impact point (calluses, foot), wrap your foot with a nylon sack and put on your socks. You have to leave it on medium-term. In the first part of the day, when you wake up, you have to wash your foot with warm water, wipe it, and apply some sustaining skin cream or glycerin. Soon after ten medicines you will be stunned by the outcomes. Your heels will turn out to be clear and without hint of the harsh skin or hard stores.

You ought to likewise realize that you can clean your heels with a heel brush or a heel stone, and after that apply the cream. You ought to likewise realize that you can utilize this blend to treat the difficult territories on the varicose veins (varicosities) too. You simply need to knead the agonizing regions with this blend and the agony will vanish right away. You can utilize this tincture to treat osteochondritis too. Back rub the agonizing spot and the torment will vanish immediately.

Evacuate thick and unpleasant skin off your feet with this unimaginable blend

This cure is basic and simple to make. You simply need to adhere to the basic directions. This is what you have to do – first, you have to blend 5-6 squashed aspirins and some lemon juice, until you get a thick glue. At that point, you have to rub the glue on your feet, wrap it with nylon, and put a warm towel over it or put your socks on. Hang tight for 10 minutes, evacuate everything and wash your feet with a wipe or a pumice stone – to expel the dead skin cells.



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