Remedy From The Monks For The Whole Body: Lemon And Garlic Make Miracles

The accompanying formula was found in old cloister in Tibet. In all honesty, it was composed on mud blocks.

2,000 years have gone since this formula has been composed. It is useful for the cholesterol, diabetes, blood purifying and improving the insusceptibility. It likewise debilitates the tumor appearance, improves the vision and makes the living being more youthful.

Consolidate 300g of garlic with 1 kilo of lemons. The lemons ought to be pounded in the meat machine before blending with the garlic. Apply the blend on warmth and pour 1.5 liter of water over it. Leave it to bubble for 15 minutes and after that expel the blend from the warmth and leave it to chill off.

Spot your blend in some container of glass and spread it with aluminum foil.

Devour one tablespoon before anything else on an unfilled stomach in the accompanying 25 days.

Cause a respite for 10 days and after that to emphasize the methodology once more.



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