SHOCKING: People Do Not Die of Cancer! People Die of Chemotherapy and in Terrible Pain

Dr. Hardin B. Jones concentrated his investigations on the issues identified with malignant growth for over two decades. His discoveries, inevitably, brought some stunning end. He once functioned as an educator of restorative material science and physiology at the well known Berkeley College, and went through over 20 years of his life concentrating the impacts of chemotherapy in malignant growth patients and breaking down their future.

He proposes that the main goal of the malignant growth industry is benefit, which is shared among Big Pharma, specialists, social insurance offices and different members in this industry. Along these lines, at whatever point some patient acknowledges to rehearse standard malignant growth treatment, this entire industry benefits.

The regular malignancy medicines comprise of taking chemotherapy poisons in the framework, transmitting the body with particles or evacuation of certain body parts, or a blend everything being equal, in an extraordinary number of cases. As indicated by measurements, even those that researchers are overlooking or concealing it for reasons unknown, chemotherapy is an incapable technique with regards to restoring malignant growth.

Dr. Jones expresses that the vast majority experiencing malignancy presented to chemotherapy end their lives in extraordinary torment. In addition, he accepts that malignancy patients who practice chemotherapy will in all incredible and in more noteworthy torment contrasted with patients who have picked some other treatment or have dismissed to experience a treatment.

Actually, Dr. Jones expresses that patients who don’t rehearse chemotherapy live around 12 years longer (by and large) contrasted with the individuals who pursue this treatment.

Because of his long research, he presumed that ordinary malignant growth treatment decreases future and quickens the weakening of the framework. Despite the fact that it knows about this reality, the malignancy business disregards is as it is a billion-dollar industry. Broad communications are concealing this in light of their associations with the malignancy business.

This examination was distributed in the respectable New York Academy of Sciences diary. Its discoveries express that bosom disease patients that don’t get chemotherapy figure out how to live multiple times longer contrasted with the individuals who get it, and patients who imagined that chemotherapy is the best decision as a rule pass on three years after they were determined to have malignant growth, and at times, much following a month or two.

The American Medical Association Journal discharged another investigation in 1979 which demonstrated that the vast majority of the famous systems for treating and diagnosing bosom disease (and the majority of them are utilized these days also), didn’t have beneficial outcomes in many patients.

Moreover, a similar end was called attention to by two different investigations from the period when the impact of Big Pharma was not excessively extraordinary. One of these was British and was distributed in the Lancet 35 years prior.

It has likewise demonstrated that in spite of the way that a developing number of patients have gotten chemotherapy, the endurance pace of patients with bosom malignancy had not expanded in the previous 10 years.

The other investigation which was directed in Israel (1978), additionally expressed something very similar.

In addition, a celebrated German disease transmission specialist, Dr. Ulrich Abel, has additionally played out an intensive research and examination of all the famous investigations identified with chemotherapy from everywhere throughout the world. His discoveries are wrecking and should be perused by individuals who are intending to get chemotherapy. He has distributed a book called The Doctor In The House.

Chemotherapy is a particular treatment that is centered around the end of sound cells so as to anticipate the spreading of malignant growth. Large Pharma conceals the way that malignant growth patients kick the bucket from the treatment, for the most part from chemotherapy, and not from the impacts of disease.

Most patients who have passed on of malignancy were patients who kicked the bucket of ailing health, as disease influenced cells retain every one of the supplements from our body and square crafted by the invulnerable framework. After some time, the framework is powerless to such an extent that it can’t guard itself from any danger.

MD UCSF Allen Levin states that cutting edge drug as of now has the widespread fix and all the required certainties identified with disease, however they are avoided the general population. The explanation behind that is straightforward, since one malignancy treatment costs as much as one million dollars.

Human services experts are as yet rehearsing chemotherapy, despite the fact that it can’t take out colon malignant growth, bosom disease or lung malignancy and we have proof for it.



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