Who would say: Scientists argue that this is the main culprit for women’s obesity!!

Although we feel best when we are at the beginning of a love affair, scientists argue that the first period of love can have a bad influence on our appearance.

A survey involving a large number of women revealed interesting data. Namely, women who are happy in love eat more than usual and are prone to obesity.

The reason is that the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that causes love, in women opens the appetite. Also, more than half of the respondents admitted that they were the weakest when they were single, that is when they did not have a partner.

On the other hand, love acts quite differently on men. Namely, when they find a new partner, the average man loses up to three pounds during the first twelve months.

However, some women found other culprits for obesity. Less than half of them have blamed their partners and their bad eating habits that include fatty snacks during a movie or overeating in the late evening hours.

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